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Stührling is an American company founded in 1999 in New York, that designs and sells high quality watches and accessories to compliment each individual timepiece. Founded by Chaim Fischer CEO of Stuhrling Original. The company’s name Come from a man named Max Stührling a master watchmaker who lived in Switzerland in the late 1800’s. Just as the Swiss were building their legacy as the world’s most skilled watchmakers in the World. Max Stuhrling constructed intricate movements and complications for several industry leaders, and he trained his son, beginning a family legacy of watchmakers.

In 1999, his great-grandson Max Stuhrling IV, himself a veteran of the watchmaking industry, was able to manufacture distinctive watches with the family name as the brand. Chaim Fischer insisted that Stuhrling Original watches be crafted with the same skill, attention to detail and beauty that had been tradition in his family for generations.

Stuhrling Original is one of the fastest growing and well-recognized timepiece brands in the world. With more than 16 million units sold in over 120 countries, it is a leading horological brand. A catalog of 4,500 watches means they sell a wristwatch for every occasion and every person. Stuhrling prides itself on its great quality and competative price. Because of this it is easy for any man or woman to collect scores of timepieces without breaking the bank. We highly recommend you follow this exciting and vibrant brand.

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